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4 Steps to Make a Plan to Vote

4 Steps to MAKE A PLAN to Vote!

With election day quickly approaching and the COVID-19 pandemic still surging, it is essential that our communities make a plan to vote and share that plan widely. We know there are attempts to suppress our vote so having a voter plan answers all the important questions you may have and ensures that your vote will be counted, and your voice will be heard. Below are tips to help you get started on creating your voter plan, however you choose to vote— by mail, early voting or in-person on election day.

  1. Check your registration. Some states are purging names off the voter rolls. Check to make sure you are still registered to vote here.
  2. Register to vote. Each state has a different deadline for voter registration, ranging from 30 days to a few days before the election. Learn more about your state’s deadlines for registration here.
  3. Decide whether you’ll vote in person or by mail. Not every state is making accommodations for voting during the pandemic, so it is important to check your state’s laws regarding mail-in (also known as absentee ballots) and in-person options – either through early voting or voting on election day.
  4. Research candidates on your ballot. The 2020 election ballot will not only include candidates for president and congress, you may also be voting for state legislature, the Board of Education, city council, and judges — all of whom can have a profound impact on your day-to-day life. Do your research on the candidates and know your decision before you vote in person or by mail.

MAKE A PLAN to vote – ensure your voice is heard in November. After you’ve made your plan, send it to your family and friends and encourage them to make their own plan. Here’s some sample language you can use:

Hey! In preparation for the upcoming election, I Made a Voter Plan and I encourage you to do the same. I’ve checked my voter registration status and plan to vote [in person on election day/early/by mail] on [enter date] at [enter time]. What’s your voter plan? Information on helped me make mine.

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