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The State Advocacy Day Workbook is a comprehensive guide designed to assist organizations in planning their state advocacy days. The workbook helps organizations:

  • Identify policy priorities, set desired outcomes, and determine crucial key asks with precision.
  • Strategically map out relationships with state legislators and pinpoint pivotal partners to amplify your impact.
  • Implement effective communication strategies and amplification efforts for maximum outreach.
2023 Policy Summit Advocacy Toolkit

2023 Policy Summit Advocacy Toolkit. An Informational Guide for Conducting Educational Meetings with Members of the United States Congress and State Legislators

Advancing Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice with Local Resolution toolkit is intended for use by local and grassroots advocates to provide guidance, suggestions and resources to introduce proactive reproductive health resolutions in cities and counties. The toolkit was developed as part of a partnership between In Our Own Voice and the National Council for Jewish Women, All*Above All and the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

Any effective advocacy involves collaboration and coordination so that all communities thrive. This toolkit is one more resource to strengthen our collective movements, and an opportunity to work with new partners and grow the movements by raising awareness of local reproductive health, rights and justice issues.

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