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Image of 7 Black women influencers with the text '7 Inspiring Voter Plans' overlaid.

7 Inspiring Voter Plans

We just wrapped up our Reproductive Justice Week of Action. We asked Black women across the country to share their voter plan for the November election on their social media platforms. What they shared left us in awe of the activism, thoughtfulness and dedication Black women had not only to get out their own vote but also the votes of their families and communities.

Here are seven voter plans inspiring us as we head to the polls (or mailbox or drop-off box).

1. Candice Marie Benbow, Writer and Chef

2. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Penn GSE Associate Professor

3. Feminista Jones, Writer and Activist


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#IAmAVoter because while I understand all too well that disillusionment is real, I also know that there is a LOT on the line and not only at a federal level and people are working HARD to make sure we CANT vote. I don’t believe in shaming people into voting and I respect conscientious objection as a vote of no confidence. We have the right to vote as we choose. I resent people putting the bill of responsibility on Black women as if we will save the country. This country is still 70+% white! This isn’t on us However we choose to go forward, we must recognize there is a lot on the line. As for me and mine, we are focused on reproductive justice, economic inequality, education, and healthcare. We all about that #AbolishThePolice #AbolishTheCarceralSystem life!! But in the meantime, in between time…we gotta work with what we got. Or not. It’s up to you. That’s what freedom looks like. My voting plan: Im voting via mail-in ballot. Local elections are important and I want to make sure I show support for my local representatives. S/o to @BlackWomensRJ for #RJWOA2020 What’s your voting plan?

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4. Vilissa Thompson, Disability Rights Activist

5. Alicia Garza, Activist and Co-Founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement

6. Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress and Activist

7. L. Joy Williams, Political Strategist

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