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SisterLove, Inc.

SisterLove, Inc. is a 25 year-old reproductive justice organization with a focus on sexual health and prevention/care, including HIV, STIs, unintended pregnancy and violence. Founded in 1989, SisterLove is the oldest nonprofit in the Southeastern U.S. dedicated specifically to the education, prevention, advocacy and support needs of women at risk for or living with HIV infection and AIDS.

SisterLove’s history is centered in the grassroots, self-help movement of Black women, and other women of color, to define key sexual and reproductive health issues that were long ignored and marginalized by the mainstream women’s health movement. SisterLove has developed strategies, nurtured collaborations and partnerships, and implemented programs and projects that address the various intersections of sexual/reproductive health and rights, HIV and other social justice issues. Our mission is to eradicate the impact of HIV and other reproductive health challenges of women and their families through education, prevention, support and human rights advocacy in the United States and around the world.

SisterLove’s history of service and advocacy includes engaging communities, advocates/activists, especially those most affected by the issues we work on. By providing leadership development, training and capacity building among HIV-positive women and their allies, we encourage them to become leaders and representatives of their own communities and to advocate at the local, national and international levels for those women most affected by the lack of sound policies around HIV and AIDS. We have created a unique capacity, with a sexual health and human rights lens, to bridge critical women’s rights fights such as: protecting and advancing abortion rights, increasing access to contraceptives and family planning and STI prevention, preventing violence against women, comprehensive sexual health education, and full coverage for health care.

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