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Being Well While Wintering

Being Well While Wintering

During a season of political chaos and a global pandemic, we know it’s easy to absorb the news and the energy around us.  Amidst the storm and uncertainties, sustaining peace and experiencing health is a challenge. As Black Women who are known for our reliance, innovation and wisdom, we chose not to allow circumstances to dictate how we will live and experience health during this season.

Black Women for Wellness has a legacy of providing empowerment, advocacy, and education for Black Women and girls both near and far. The health and wellness of Black women isn’t a trend or simply a hashtag for us. Through our Wellness Guide, we invite our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and sister friends alike to engage in a sacred tool to be added to your toolkit for health and wellness. Filled with recipes, mantras, tips, reflections and resources to assist, support and inspire you as you become your best self. 

May you feel the invitation from our ancestors to slow down, go deeper and turn within as we look upward to a new beginning and a brighter future. 

May you remember that we all deserve to be well. 

Healing and wholeness is your birthright. 

Rest well this season Queen. 

You got this.

We got you!

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