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Black Women respond to the State of the Union Address and applaud Stacey Abrams’ leadership


FEB 6, 2019
Loretta Kane (917-410-7242 or

Statement of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda Vice President Jessica Pinckney
WASHINGTON — Yesterday, President Trump delivered the State of the Union address and Stacey Abrams gave the Democratic response. In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda Vice President for Government Affairs Jessica Pinckney issued the following statement in response to the speeches:

“As expected, Trump made it clear that he will stop at nothing to restrict reproductive freedom, to limit the rights of immigrant families, suppress the voting rights of people of color and instill religious oppression. While pleading for bipartisanship with one breath, he pushed his most polarizing policies with the next, including his demand for a wall on the southern border, a misguided abortion ban based on inaccurate and false information, and the ongoing dismantling of the Affordable Care Act. Trump spent more than 100 minutes further exacerbating the glacial divides he has caused.

“In response to the President’s State of the Union Address, Stacey Abrams offered another vision of America and showed us the face of true leadership. In a rousing speech that was at once honest and hopeful, Abrams appealed to our values of compassion and community, reminding us that America’s strength is in our unity and our willingness to help our neighbors and work together toward our common belief in justice and freedom. She underscored the importance of democracy and called on the country to conduct fair elections and to stop voter suppression.

“Under this administration, every effort has been made to oppress women — particularly Black women and women in other marginalized communities. But the diverse group of women Members of Congress dressed in white on the House floor last night told an important story. They represent the resistance to Trump’s policies and the effort to get out the vote by women — especially Black women — across the country. Stacey Abrams’ speech reminded us that when Black women lead and vote, problems get solved. We have great hope for the future.

“We must continue to use our power as voters to hold elected officials accountable and to stop Trump’s attacks on our most basic human rights. We at In Our Own Voice will continue to fight to ensure that every woman has the resources to make decisions about her own body, exercise her political power, live a healthy life and raise her family with dignity.”

Jessica Pinckney is available for comment. Please contact Loretta Kane (917-410-7242 or to schedule an interview.


In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda is a national reproductive justice organization focused on lifting up the voices of Black women at the national and regional levels in our ongoing policy fight to secure reproductive justice for all women and girls.

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