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Abortion Access and Contraceptive Equity: A Matter of Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

by Dr. Krystal Redman, SPARK Executive Director
August 17, 2015

As we work progressively in the fight towards social and economic equality, we must continue to include the argument of; sexual and reproductive justice in order to takes steps towards achieving complete contraceptive equity, which includes access to safe and affordable abortion services. Contraceptive Equity is the freedom to choose the contraceptive choice that works best for oneself. Furthermore, that all options are available and affordable; including, access to adequate information regarding choice and patient-centered medical guidance.

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Black Women Matter More than Just Our Deaths

by Janette Robinson Flint

I am deeply hurt, enraged and gravely concerned by the onslaught of violence against Black women and girls. The latest offense happened on Monday, July 13, when Sandra Bland, a 28 year-old woman who was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, was found dead in her Texas jail cell. The following day, 18 year-old Kindra Chapman was also found dead in an Alabama jail cell.

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