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SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW's 2020 Policy Report!

Shifting the narrative to address the health inequities affecting Trans and Gender-Diverse folx

by Jenn Mahan, SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!’s inaugural If/When/How Law and Policy Fellow

SPARK’s 2020 policy report, Shifting the Narrative: A Reproductive Justice Analysis of the Health Inequities Affecting Trans and Gender-Diverse Folx in Georgia and the Policies Necessary for Change aims to highlight and uplift the critical research conducted by Trans and Gender-Diverse communities. It also provides an intersectional analysis of the current state of health care experienced by TGD folx in Georgia, and an overview of helpful language and concepts from the Reproductive Justice framework that guide SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!’s advocacy. Finally, the report and its inserts offer an accessible overview of TGD rights and protections under the law in Georgia and the United States and what SPARK’s policy recommendations are to improve the health disparities experienced by TGD folx.

We must recognize and improve the social determinants that ultimately impact TGD folx’ health and wellness. Only twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have explicitly prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Future regulatory instability experienced by TGD folx in Georgia can be prevented with the passage of firm federal legislation like the Equality Act, prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, in a holistic context or capacity.

The report coincided with SPARK’s movement during the 2020 Georgia state legislative session. Coming off the heels of fighting against Georgia’s six-week abortion ban in 2019, our focus for 2020 is rooted in how we can SHIFT the NARRATIVE: Shifting the narrative to center the experiences TGD folx in policy. Shifting the narrative of what it means to be civically engaged. Shifting the narrative to uplift Trans folx survival and happiness instead of trauma. SPARK is actively committed to the promotion of legislation that advances a just and equitable society for TGD folx in Georgia and the Southeast.

The report’s authors and reviewers will host a workshop building upon the topics discussed in the publication at JusticeNOW2020, SPARK’s cross-movement national conference in November. Our conference is going virtual and we invite you to join the conversation by registering here. 


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