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Will Your Mail-In Ballot Be Counted? Here’s How to Check the Status of Your Ballot

A record number of Americans requested a mail-in ballot this year, surpassing 2016 in nearly every state by the end of September. If you’re one of the many who have already cast their votes by mail, you may be wondering whether your ballot arrived at its destination. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania and North Carolina received after election day (but postmarked by Nov. 3) would be counted. The Supreme Court simultaneously ruled that Wisconsin’s mail-in ballots must be received on or before Nov. 3 to count.

In anticipation of the millions of Americans casting their ballots by mail, most states allow you to track your mail-in ballot through their government websites. To track your ballot, type “Track my ballot [enter your state]” into Google, which has election-specific verified information. Click the option that says “check ballot status,” which will take you to your state’s election page.

There are a few states that don’t allow you to track the status of your ballot online. To check the status of your ballot in Illinois and Wyoming, you must directly contact your county election officials. In Texas and New York, only military and overseas absentee voters can track the status of their ballots (unless you voted in New York City — in that case, you’re able to track your ballot online). Lastly, Mississippi and Missouri do not have a ballot tracking option.

For the most recent information on voting in your state, visit for state-by-state voter information and facts on Reproductive Justice.

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