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Ways to Get Involved

4 Ways to Get Involved

Black women are powerful. We have always been politically engaged. Despite concerted efforts time and time again to silence our voices and votes, Black women have always led movements for change and mobilized to protect our human rights. The tragic loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a fearless protector of our constitutional and human rights, including voting rights, reminds us that our resistance and political engagement are essential now, more than ever.  We call upon Black women everywhere to take action during I AM A VOTER Reproductive Justice Week of Action (Sept. 28-Oct. 2), and to show up and show out at the polls this November!


I AM A VOTER RJ Week of Action aims to bring united visibility to Black women’s powerful voting presence and the national I AM A VOTER campaignWe will energize, mobilize, and move our bases around the intersections of voting rights and Reproductive Justice, which includes bringing attention to state voting laws, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, opportunities for early voting, and more!

4 Ways to Take Action RJWOA 2020

1. Sign the MoveOn petition to Protect Voting Rights

2. Call Your Senator to urge delay of a new Supreme Court Justice Selection until after 2021 Inauguration

3. Attend and share the Reproductive Justice Week of Action Digital Activities including:

IG Live Tap In Convo

    • Fri. Oct. 2 – RJ Week of Action Swag Day
      • Rock your I AM A VOTER Swag (or not) and share a photo on social media, explaining why you plan to vote what your voting plan is, using these hashtags: #BlackWomenVote #RJWOA2020 #WhenWeAllVote. We’ll randomly select five winners to receive official I AM A VOTER swag, so don’t forget to tag us in your post (@BlackWomensRJ on all platforms)!

4. Check out the website for more information to help you prepare to get out the vote on or before Nov. 3! And while you’re there, check out our partner’s local and virtual RJWOA activities, and share a graphic (or two) to your social accounts and networks.

Remember, when we harness our voting and political power against all the odds, we can change the face of political representation. We can shape a plan that reflects the issues and priorities that impact our bodies, families, communities, and lives.

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