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Woman voting at ballot box

READ: Why do we need Black candidates running for office?

On this National Run for Office Day, the team at In Our Own Voice shares their perspectives on the profound impact of having individuals who mirror our identities and champion our values step into the realm of political leadership:

Donna Morris, Senior Administrative Director:
It means this is someone who shares similar family history and lived experiences as me. They will know that Black women are stronger than the norm and we wear this as a badge of honor.

Ebony Baylor, VP of Government Affairs:
Representation matters! Productive policy changes happen when leaders look like and live out their community values in our governing bodies.

Camille Kidd, Sr. Manager of Federal Policy:
Seeing more Reproductive Justice aligned candidates run and win for office motivates me everyday. With each election cycle, there are more policymakers at every level fighting for values I believe in. There is nothing more affirming than that!

Kaylan A. Tanner, Manager of State Policy:
To be represented by someone who not only mirrors my identity but also shares lived experiences is truly empowering. The strength lies in the collective tapestry of shared experiences—a resonance that amplifies the voice and narrative of our community. There is profound understanding, empathy, and compassion when advocating for a community whose values you intimately share.

Jordan Cain, Policy and Operations Associate:
Observing a candidate who aligns with Reproductive Justice values and reflects my lived experiences holds profound meaning. It represents a significant stride in overcoming historical barriers, emphasizing the role diverse voices play in shaping decisions impacting our daily lives. Each day serves as a reminder of the urgent need for leaders dedicated to addressing challenges related to Reproductive Justice.

De’Ajane Terrell, Program Coordinator:
Having someone run for any office and be a representation of me means that they show up to do the work, ensuring that they are using their privilege and power to help the most marginalized communities. Officials need to be active community members who understand the day-to-day struggles of their constituents while creating applicable real-life solutions.

Veronica Hughes, Finance Manager:
Our cultures, gender and race create unique issues and challenges which we each face. Having someone who looks like me run for office, gives me hope that matters which are critical to me will be considered in the policies and laws that uniquely affect and shape my human experience as a Black woman.

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